Ssangleong is setting new standard with better control of our inhouse IBC Tanks. Our Tanks are designed for multi-trip transportation liquid contents which optimized storing and transporting both hazardous and non hazardous liquid contents.

Our Our IBC tanks are available on wooden, steel or plastic pallets in the skid or frame version. All pallet versions of our container can be stacked and are compatible with virtually all commercial container types and handling systems.

The The ablilty to withstand liquid density of up to 1.9 comes with a high bending resistance and maximum resilience of the outer cage. The cage provides excellent protection against damage to the inner lining in case of an accident and there is no problems to stack 5 units high.

Reduce Reduce cost through larger packing units - Easy handling - Safety testing - FDA approved - Time-savings in loading and unloading - Reduce freight and storage costs - Avoidance of unnecessary packaging wastes - Environmentally friendly - Features with UN certification- SMP protective barrier with UV protection Corner Guards


We carry an ongoing supply of reconditioned Schutz and Mamor tanks in sizes of 800 litres to 1,200 litres. Each features different pallet options include wood, plastic, or steel depending on your preference or specification. Valve options include National Pipe Thread (NPT) or quick disconnect (cam-lock).


Ssangleong provide a comprehensive range of IBC Replacement parts. The items listed below are only some of our most popular parts and accessories. If you are cannot find it on this site, please call us or check with one of our Packaging Consultant online

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